Brief History & Specification of the Organ at St. Andrew’s Uxbridge

Brief History (see NPOR D 08345 xls spreadsheet)


1809 Organ by Thomas Elliot from Christ Church, Blackfriars Bridge Road
London installed at St Andrew’s

Organ Builder: Hill


Organ “altered and improved” – believed to refer to the standardisation of the
manuals and pedal compass; a straight and flat pedalboard is believed to have
been fitted at this time.

Organ Builder: Hill


Organ is rebuilt and enlarged, the Great and Choir paid for by the congregation,
the Swell by the Vicar.

Organ Builder: Hill


New TP action throughout, new coupler action, new Great and Choir
soundboards, Split pallets added to Swell, Swell Tremulant added, Extra bellows,
Re-voiced where necessary.

Organ Builder: William Hill & Son

Early 1900s

It is believed that Rev’d Noel A Bonavia-Hunt, son of the founder of Trinity
College of Music, London, made some modifications during his curacy in the
parish in the early 1900s – eg. raising the cut-up of the Pedal Open Diapason,
removing the “bells” from the Flute Pavillon, and “bearding” the Gamba.

Organ Builder: Revd Noel A Bonavia-Hunt


Organ overhauled; new pedalboard; new basses and harmonic trebles to Great
Trumpet; gt-pd reversible pedal added; balanced swell pedal replaced the
original “hitch-down” pedal.

Organ Builder: Walker


Organ is moved from its original position under the bell tower, south of the
chancel to its current position in the NW corner of the church.

Organ Builder: Walker


Clarion 4′ added to the Swell.

Organ Builder: Walker


Pipes from the organ of Holy Trinity, Finchley Road, London (a Principal 2′,
Mixture III (22.26.29) and Trompette 8′) were added to the Choir, and a Violone
(extended 16,8,4) was added to the Pedal. The Swell Oboe was made available
on the Choir at 8′, and a Bombardon 16′ (by Gern) was added to the Pedal.

Organ Builder: A. Noterman & Nephew

1999 - 2000

Organ rebuilt with EP action and solid state capture system; refitted console and
some tonal alterations were made. A frontage of dummy pipes was fitted to the
E facing front, behind the arch, to replace a wood and fabric grille. 7 stops
survive from the original Elliot organ of 1809.

Organ Builder: B.C. Shepherd & Son


Wind supplied by 2 electric blowers

Department and Stop list


Key Action EP Stop Action EP Compass-low C Compass-high f1 Keys 30

1 Open Diapason 16 A
2 Violone 16 B
3 Bourdon 16 C
4 Quint 10 ⅔ from C
5 Octave 8 from A
6 Principal 8 from B
7 Bass Flute 8 from C
8 Fifteenth 4 from B
9 Octave Flute 4 from C
10 Twenty Second 2 from B
11 Bombardon 16 Gern pipes
12 Fagotto 16 from D on Swell (enclosed)
13 Oboe 8 from D
14 Oboe 4 from D


Key Action EP Stop Action EP Compass-low C Compass-high g3 Keys 56

15 Stopped Diapason 8
16 Gemshorn 4
17 Rohr Flute 4
18 Nazard 2 ⅔
19 Fifteenth 2
20 Block Flute 2
21 Tierce 1 ⅗
22 Mixture II (22.26)
23 Clarionet 8 (down to A# only)
24 Swell Oboe 8 (from D on Swell)
25 Tremulant
26 Solo Trumpet 8
27 spare knob


Key Action EP Stop Action EP Compass-low C Compass-high G3 Keys 56

28 Double Diapason 16
29 Open Diapason 8
30 Flute Pavillion 8
31 Gedeckt 8
32 Principal 4
33 Harmonic Flute 4
34 Fifteenth 2
35 Mixture III (12.19.22)
36 Trumpet 8


Key Action EP Stop Action EP Compass-low C Compass-high g3 Keys 56

37 Double Diapason 16
38 Open Diapason 8
39 Stopped Diapason 8
40 Salicional 8
41 Voix Celeste 8 From Ten. C only
42 Principal 4
43 Fifteenth 2
44 Mixture II 19.22
45 Contra Fagotto 16 D
46 Cornopean 8
47 Oboe 8 from D
48 Clarion 4
49 Tremulant

Console Couplers

Swell to Pedal, Choir to Pedal, Great to Pedal, Choir to Great,
Swell to Great, Swell to Choir, Swell octave, Choir octave, Choir sub-octave.


6 general thumb pistons, 6 Swell, 6 Great & 6 Choir thumb pistons
Reversible thumb pistons: sw-gt, sw-ch, ch-gt, sw-ped, gt-ped & ch-ped
Setter thumb piston & general cancel thumb piston
6 Swell toe pistons & 6 Pedal toe pistons. Reversible toe pistons: sw-gt, gt-ped
General toe pistons also available on Swell toe pistons
8-channel piston capture system, balanced swell pedal