COVID-19 update

In light of the Government guidance around non-essential contact, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York have issued advice that public worship is suspended until further notice and we have also been advised by Bishops across London, that church buildings should be closed completely. Therefore it is with regret that all services across the Uxbridge Parish have been suspended and our church building is currently closed. We have put together a range of digital resources for you to use at home, which we will change and add to in the days and weeks ahead.  It is important that we all try and support each other through these difficult times, so that everyone continues to feel very much a part of this loving community, especially those living alone and the vulnerable.

Sunday after Ascension

Join St Andrew’s ZOOM Coffee Chat at 11am Sunday 24th May. Click

Sixth Sunday of Easter

Fifth Sunday of Easter

Fourth Sunday of Easter

Third Sunday of Easter

Second Sunday of Easter

Easter Sunday Service

Digital Resources for Holy Week

Maundy Thursday

Readings & Reflections for Maundy Thursday

Good Friday

Readings & Reflections for Good Friday

Easter Sunday

Readings & Reflections for Easter Sunday

Spiritual Communion

Spiritual Communion - Throughout Christian history some Christian people have found themselves isolated from the sacramental life of the Church for all sorts of reasons, and particularly in times of plague, famine and warfare. At such times the Church has encouraged people to make what is called a spiritual communion. It is a way of uniting yourself with Jesus and entering into communion with him even though you are not able to receive the sacrament itself. Click on the candle to access the Spiritual Communion Service sheet.

14 Stations of the Cross

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Digital Resources

Here are a selection of digital resources to access that you may find helpful whilst we are unable to all meet together for worship. If you come across other digital resources then please drop me an email and I will add it to the list.

Video Library

We put together a library of videos that are a mix of worship podcasts from St. Andrew's Church and along with other Christian videos that you can listen to online.

St Andrew's Facebook Page

St Andrew's Church has a very active facebook page where stories are shared, messages, pictures and links to resources posted.

COVID-19 Guidance & Digital Resources

There is a special page on the Church of England website dedicated to provide information, updates and links to digital resources whilst we are following government advice around non-essential contact.

Faith in the Home

Faith isn't something to be learned in church - it's to be lived out at home. But it isn't always easy for families to know how to pray together or tell the stories of Jesus together. This page offers links and ideas to help families be Christian in their whole lives, not just the Sunday bit!
The Messy Church team use some of these resources when planning Messy Church events at St Margaret's.

Pray as you go podcasts

A useful selection of daily readings, prayers and music.

The Purpose Driven Life

A selection of video talks and audio books about The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren are available to watch on YouTube

Playlist Hillsong Praise & Worship Songs 2017

An hour of contemporary worship music by Hillsong

Piano/Orchestra hymns - Greg Howlett

This is a beautiful collection of hymns accompanied by Piano & Orchestra. It lasts just over an hour and has some wonderful film footage showing the beauty of the earth. One viewer said "30 seconds in and I am already elevated".

Video Library

We will use the video library to upload videos from the clergy, The Church of England and other Christian sources that we feel appropriate during this difficult time. We will be updating the video library regularly so this is a perfect way of keep in touch with St Andrew’s and the wider Christian church.