St Andrew

St Andrew's Junior Church


St Andrew’s has a thriving Junior Church. It meets every Sunday at 10am during school term time. The only exception is the second Sunday of the month when everyone stays in for our All Age Mass. On these occasions Junior Church often helps to lead the service or to teach us by presenting work they’ve done in the preceding weeks!


On a 'normal' Sunday morning Junior Church assembles by the font at the back of the church. As the service begins they process in with the clergy and sit around the nave altar steps or in the first pew. After the first part of the service they go out through the link to the Church hall and divide into four groups.



For children up to 2 ½








For children from 2 ½ to reception age







The group for children in school years 1-6







This is the group for all the 'yoof' in years 7 and above. Until such time as we can build a secure unit it meets in the choir vestry.

They may be X-treme but they are quite nice really.


All this is possible because St Andrew’s has an amazingly good team of extremely talented and enthusiastic Junior Church leaders! Thank you.