St Andrew

St Andrew's Church - Dates for 2017


Wed     11th      Standing Committee for St A's Church Council (in the vicarage)

Sun       8th       Epiphany Sunday (the arrival of the Wise men)

Wed     25th      St. A's Church Council

Sun      29th      Candlemas: Eucharist with Candles! 8:00 and 10.00am  Guest preacher at our 10:00am Mass will be Fr. Neil Evans   


Wed.     1st.      Parish Standing Committee at Fr. Andrew's House House

Sat.       4th      Parish Celebration in the Uxbridge Centre.

13th - 17th School Half term. 

Wed    22nd      PCC meeting in the Uxbridge Centre                                  


Wed   1st          Ash Wednesday: Parish Eucharist at St. Andrew's at 8:00pm.

Wed   8th          Standing Committee for St. A's Church Council ( Vicarage)

Sun  26th          Mothering Sunday: All Age Mass at 10:00am

Wed  29th         St. A's Church Council followed by PCC in St A's Church Hall.

Fri     31st         School Term ends.  


April 2016

Sun   9th        Palm Sunday (meet at St Margaret's process to St Andrew's)

Thur 13th       Maundy Thursday: 8.00pm Mass of the Last Supper (St. Mgt's)

Fri    14th       Good Friday: 2.00pm Veneration of the Cross and Communion

Sat   15th       Easter Eve 9.00pm Easter Vigil and first Mass of Easter

Sun 16th        Easter Day: Eucharists at 8:00am and 10.00 am

Tue 18th School term starts

Sun 30th        Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) 12.30pm at St Andrew's 


Wed  3rd        Standing Committee for St Andrew's Church Council

Wed 17th       Church Council

Thur 25th       Ascension Day: 8:00pm Mass at St Margaret's

25th - 4th Prayer Week

29th - 2nd School Half Term



Sun 4th          Pentecost Sunday: Mass at 8:00am and 10:00am

Wed 7th         Parish Standing Committee at Fr. Andrew's House

Sun 11th        Trinity Sunday

Sun 18th        Corpus Christi Sunday

Wed 21st        PCC meeting in the Uxbridge Centre

Wed 28th        Standing Committee for St. Andrew's Church Council


Wed 12th        Church Council

Fri    21st        School Term ends




Mon     4th        School Term starts

Wed   13th        Standing Committee for St Andrew's Church Council

Wed   27th        Church Council


Sat      7th        Harvest Supper in the Uxbridge Centre

Sun     8th        Harvest Festival Services at St Andrew's Church

Wed   18th        Standing Committee for St Andrew's Church Council

 23rd - 27th School Half Term


Thur    2nd        All Souls' Day: Mass at 8:00pm

Sun     5th        All Saints' Day (this year it falls on this Sunday when transferred)

Wed    8th        St A's Church Council

Sun   12th        Remebrance Sunday ( Eucharists at 8:00am and 9:45am)

Wed  15th        Parish Standing Committee.

Sun   26th        Feast of Christ the King with Admission of Children to Communion ( Celebration of First Communion)

Wed  29th        PCC meeting in the Uxbridge Centre

Thur 30th        St. Andrew's Day ( Patronal Eucharist at 8:00pm)


Sun    3rd        Advent Sunday: Christingle Service at 4:00pm

Sun  10th        Junior Church Nativity Tableau at the 10:00am Mass

Sun  17th        Candle lit Service of Lessons and Carols at 7:00pm

Sun  24th        Midnight Mass will be at St Margaret's starting at 11:15pm

Mon  25th        Christmas Day: Masses at 8:00am and 10:00am