St Andrew

Bible Study Groups


People sometimes have the idea that bible study groups are for very serious clever people who sit around nodding their heads and saying very deep meaningful things – well, they’ve obviously never been to one of our groups!

Here at St Andrew’s we’re all pretty ordinary, biblically challenged people and we’re always laid back and informal. The thing we all have in common is that we genuinely love Jesus and want to learn more about the things that God has said and done. We’ve found that our faith has really grown as a result of looking at God’s word.

We have two Bible study groups that meet during School term time.


Tuesday Evening Group

Leader Dot Bowman. Venue - St Andrew's Vicarage.

The evening group is a wonderfully informal group run by Dot - they drink more tea than the afternoon group. If you are a new Christian then this would be an ideal group to come to as it gives people a natural opportunity to ask questions and discuss things that are happening in the world.

The group starts at 7.30pm and is finished by 9pm because Dot needs her beauty sleep! (She said it not me)


Wednesday Afternoon Disciple Group

Leader Fr Cliff. Venue - St Andrew's Vicarage.

 People are welcome to come for tea and coffee from 1.30pm onwards with the actual group bit starting at 2pm and ending at 3.15pm. - Why the strange times... quite simple! We want mums and others who have just left their children at school to be able to come and join us for a laugh and a look at God's word knowing that the group will finish in time for them to go and pick them up at 'home' time.

Does that mean that this is a group specifically designed for parents of school age children? No, it's open to anyone who wants to look at scripture in a relaxed and natural way. If you'd like to come then just turn up - we provide bibles all you have to do is be able to laugh.



Where is St Andrew’s Vicarage?

Go down to the far end of Nursery Waye and then turn left towards St Andrew’s School.  The entrance to the Vicarage is on the right hand side just before you get to the school gates.